What should I focus on to be my best version?

The luxury to be yourself and the freedom of choice is a true gift that is given to you.

We are able to choose the partner we want, follow our passion and purpose, connect with people all around the world thanks to technological progress, learn many skills online. While having so many opportunities around, sometimes it’s a challenge to understand what brings the most value to your life. Focusing on these things will save you much time on your journey:

1. Invest your time and effort in meaningful connections

My relationships with other people are built on mutual trust, respect, support and common interests. I nurture these friendships and appreciate the time spent together. A healthy communication where

you can share anything needs time and energy to keep it, but that’s definitely worth investing your resources. The feeling that you can share your success and can rely on a person when you need it is amazing.

2. Find out what makes you happy and follow your passion

Following your purpose gives a great feeling of satisfaction that can’t be compared. I have found my true passion at 24. If you still have doubts what you wanna do, focus on developing a true connection with your inner self starting from small things: ask yourself what you prefer to eat for a breakfast, what to dress, which movie to watch. In some time you will be able to differ your true wishes and desires from the ones opposed by others.

3. Invest in your health, skills and experiences

Being flexible to adapt to changes the society requires will benefit you tremendously. With a set of skills you will be able to work in any part of the world and investments (stocks or real estate, for example) provide you with financial freedom. Taking care of your health during your youth is a great basis for your future and experiences you gather will make you memories for your whole life.

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