What do I really want?

Our family circle, friends and just people around influence the way we perceive the world. Society standards dictate us when we should marry a life partner, have children, build a successful career or run multiple businesses, but nobody asks if that’s truly what we want, in accordance to our inner self. What do I really want? Does it make me happy? Do we ask ourself these questions as often as we should? Not sure about that. Inspired by a great conversation with my friend I would love to share with you some of my insights regarding this topic.

– Be honest with yourself and don’t block your feelings and emotions

Sometimes we have a feeling “everything is fine, I should be happy”, but there is no harmony and inner peace inside. Why does it happen? The defending mechanism of our psyche blocks our feelings and the contact with ourselves to avoid unpleasant truth. When we know we are not satisfied with a certain context of our life, we should change something about that, right? Not many people have the necessary resources to act, that’s fine as well. Being ready to take actions takes time, prepare yourself to that process by asking yourself a few questions from time to time:

How am I feeling right now?

What does bother me at the moment?

What can I do to feel myself better?

– Have a clear plan which options you have and how you can maximize your results

After identifying your true wishes and desires, the most exciting part starts – you need to find a way to change that. Some people may feel anxiety about future just because the brain is good at thinking out the worst possible scenarios.

Practice honesty with yourself and you will find the answers quicker than you expected. Staying true to yourself and your wishes will help your brain find the ways to fulfill them, even if you don’t know how at the moment. Keep in mind if you want that, you can have it!

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