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Are you ready for changes, but need help?

My coaching provides an opportunity to get where you want to be being authentic you, getting rid of everything imposed by others.


Coaching Client

I am grateful for our coaching session. The way you address the problem and explain its origin impressed me. It was an excellent experience since in line with the positive energy you share with your clients, I have got some precious information that can considerably alleviate the process of achieving my life goals. Things become clear now, and I am very thankful for that.

Coaching Client

The session was very organized and the questions had a good structure. You were listening very carefully to me and could understand my thoughts very well. I also appreciated your sympathy – it gave me the courage to be more honest with you. One can see you do this with lots of passion! It was a very pleasant and helpful conversation for me, especially because I had to question my own thoughts. This helped me to find the key points that would lead me to reach my goals.

Coaching Client

I was curious to know what coaching is. But I never took it seriously, on the contrary I was a skeptic. However, the session with Tatiana showed that I was wrong. Coaching is actually a good thing. Allows you to understand priorities, desires, as well as build a plan to achieve them. I am grateful to Tatiana for helping me understand which goal is the most important to me. Because the goal that was before the session didn’t motivate me at all. Now I feel motivated. And further, everything depends only on me. I will say one thing, if you do not take it seriously, it is better not to waste your time and time of others. The coach cannot snap the fingers and fulfill your dreams. But he can direct your forces in the right direction. It helped me, will it help you? I don’t know, you just have to try.

Coaching Client

Working with you was a distinct pleasure. You have a very good understanding of human nature and of what drives people in their thinking as well as their decision-making processes. When listening to a person’s coaching request, you are able to re-adjust and refine the topic to work on with the intention of both delivering a tailor-made individualized experience as well as guide the person in the direction they most need to work on.
While I had a general idea of the topic that is especially important to me, with your insights we could together narrow it down further and make it more precise so that the coaching session would be even more useful and productive.
Throughout the coaching session itself, while being a good listener to understand where the person stands, what their beliefs and thoughts are, you also make sure to continuously challenge the person constructively, thereby enabling them to better identify their blindspots and confirmation bias.
You also make sure that the coaching session is a 360 degrees experience, enabling the individual to see things from their own perspective, from the perspective of a third person as well as from the perspective of the ideal self. This enables the person attending the session to make the most of the coaching session, to unlock crucial insights going forward and increase self-awareness, in order to be able to become a more effective decision-maker in the future.

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